“The Stories We Can Tell” is a documentary about inequality, inspired by the tragic events of 2020. I created this video for CSU Art Department’s, “Advocacy Through Art”project. Originally, I used various social media platforms to receive submissions about encounters with inequality. I wanted open conversations about situations and encounters witnessed from different perspectives. I hoped to also use this project to educate others on how even the most insignificant interaction can trigger a butterfly effect on someone’s life. The project was reduced in scope to focus on individuals in the community, adding a layer of relatability for the local audience. Special thanks to @rainbowwatusi , @jonlumpkinobjects for setting it up. @bykennygray for printing.


“ Advocacy through Art aims to utilize a series of thought-provoking public art initiatives to create dialogue, and action, around social issues while activating public spaces. By utilizing public spaces, Advocacy through Art creates a place to share cultural experiences with others that build connections and strengthen our community. In addition, the initiative seeks to improve equitable access to the arts by focusing efforts in areas devoid of public art, as well as intentionally inviting artists that reflect the cultural diversity of our community.”

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