BLK SOLACE is an ongoing series inspired by the old masters biblical paintings. Started in 2020, This series is a photographic collection of stories told from a black perspective inspired by growing up in the south in a christian household. I seek to re-frame religious imagery with narratives that have shaped modern black communities.
" THE SLAYING " 2021
During my upbringing, I recall the phrase "Black on Black crime" being frequently mentioned in the news. This term was quite contentious, as within the black community, it served as a rallying cry to address the crime that was a regular occurrence in our lives. However, the media also wielded it to criticize our neighborhoods, unfairly portraying us as a inherently violent group. Additionally, it led to demands for the restriction of our music and artistic expression. In the present day, we observe a similar process of discrediting being employed to undermine our initiatives and hinder the significance we strive to achieve.
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